Ironbark Aboriginal Corporation understands that employment is an essential element of building strong communities, and productive and happy lives.

To achieve this objective, Ironbark Aboriginal Corporation administers the Community Development Program throughout our Region.

Formerly known as the Remote Jobs & Communities Program, the Community Development Program is an essential part of the Australian Government’s agenda for increasing employment and breaking the cycle of welfare dependency in remote areas of Australia.

Under the Community Development Program, Ironbark Aboriginal Corporation:

  • Supports unemployed people to participate in activities designed to make our communities better places to live, while creating a sustainable pathway to employment by building core skills and job readiness.
  • Provides substantial support and incentives to employers to support unemployed people with obtaining lasting jobs and career opportunities: Incentives include on-the-job training, mentoring services and wage subsidies.
  • Enables flexibility and focus on local decision-making and local solutions by working with our communities and industry partners to identify opportunities for new enterprises that provide jobs and work experience opportunities.

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if you would like to know more about the Community Development Program or how we can support you with your employment requirements or opportunities.

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