Art, culture and bush harvest products are integral to our communities and have strong potential for creating jobs and developing our communities through Indigenous tourism.

Ironbark Aboriginal Corporation has established Aboriginal Bush Traders to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who want to engage in economic activities in a sustainable way.

The mission statement of Aboriginal Bush Traders is “To deliver shared services that support Indigenous community members to commercialise and trade authentic products and services based on Aboriginal culture, art and experiences.”

This is achieved by providing business development tools, training and support to assist cultural micro-businesses and community arts centres to establish and grow their businesses. This business support life cycle is reflected in the below diagram.

To support the marketing and sale of products and services, Aboriginal Bush Traders has established a vibrant hub. The hub retails products from artists and community arts centres, operates a café with Indigenous foods, delivers cultural tourism opportunities for visitors, and provides for a unique venue to host small events.

The website for Aboriginal Bush Traders can be viewed at


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