The beautification of Humpty Doo Primary School’s memorial garden.

One of Humpty Doo Primary School’ s garden areas that was previously an eyesore and quite problematic in the wet season, resulting in soil erosion and flooding issues in the area. In addition this particular garden area was overgrown with Carpentaria Palms which over time had resulted in the soil becoming root bound in turn preventing any growth of new plants in this area. As a result of these issues, this particular garden area of the school was under utilised.

Through the “Grow to Learn” Community Development Program, funded by the Australian Government, Ironbark Aboriginal Corporation was able to transform this garden area from an eyesore to an area that is both beautiful and meaningful for the school and its students.
Humpty Doo School Council and the Students collaborated to arrive at a final plan that encompassed their ideas for the beautification of this area. Ironbark Aboriginal Corporation was approached to see the plan become reality.

Ironbark Aboriginal Corporation engaged unemployed job seekers, and in partnership with the business community in the local area to bring about the transformation of this ‘eyesore’ into an appealing and useful area of the school grounds.

There was a personal involvement in this transformation, with many of the unemployed
job seekers having a connection to the primary school via family. This family connection
was beneficial to the students and they were quite proud to see their relatives contributing
to the school in a positive way.

This transformed garden area has now been named the ‘Multicultural Memorial Garden’, it represents the multicultural diversity of the school population and remembers past valued members of the school who are no longer with us.
The area now has a water feature, seating, separate garden beds and lovely open grassed space that gets utilised well and enjoyed by everyone.

We would like to acknowledge Kerry White as the designer of the “Multicultural Memorial Garden” and Janie Andrews as the artist of the mosaic artworks on the poles in this garden.