A group of job seekers have undertaken

A group of job seekers have undertaken training in a Mulching and Wood Chipping course that was held in their local community.

This lovely photo is of the 4 ladies having a break during participating in this course

13 participants from Nauiyu, 9 men and 4 ladies have completed this Mulching and Wood Chipping course. The course was run in conjunction with Charles Darwin University and Remote Area Tree Services. This training opportunity came about when Remote Area Tree Services were contracted to prune a very large Mahogany tree located at Daly River Inn.

There were multiple benefits, the participants benefited from this course from learning new skills in how to operate a wood chipper in safe manner, which could lead to them gaining employment in the future in the parks and gardens industry.

In addition to the participants benefiting from this training, the community itself has also benefited from the pruning of this tree. It has made it safer for community members when walking in the vicinity of this large tree, safe from falling limbs and other smaller branches.

Richard Kenyon from Remote Area Tree Services said that he would like to employ locals in the future and if they have participated in courses like this one, they gain skills that are required to obtain employment in this industry

Chantal Parling, one of the participants said she benefited from this training. “The wood chipping course was good; I learnt how to operate the mulching machine and how to use it safely. It was a little bit scary when we first started but I really enjoyed it.”